Arbor Institute’s digital journal of curated works interweaving art, ecology and contemplative life.
Arbor Institute’s digital journal of curated works interweaving art, ecology and contemplative life.

Issue 02 : SOUND
part two

2021.04.14  We hope you enjoyed our first issue of BIOPHILIA. On the cusp of Earth Day events worldwide, we share with you SOUND: part two — another set of projects that explore our emotional connection with the Earth through our senses.

We at Arbor have felt deeply the collective grief in our Boulder community over the past weeks along with the challenges of the ongoing pandemic and continued trauma of systemic racism and violence in our country. We hope you may find some comfort and healing in the beauty of these acoustic landscapes and allow the Earth to hold you in the midst.

We begin by immersing in the other worldly sensibilities of the deep sea with “Become Ocean” by John Luther Adams and Jana Winderen’s “The Wanderer,” featuring recordings of zooplankton and phytoplankton. 

Then, we return to the land with a grounded tree walk through NYC with biologist David Haskell, listening to the sounds of twigs, bark, trunks, leaves, veins, and roots.

Issue 01 : SOUND
part one

2021.03.10  As the sap begins to rise and spring comes to Colorado, welcome to BIOPHILIA – the Arbor Institute’s new digital journal of curated works interweaving art, ecology, and contemplative life.

In our first few issues, we are exploring our emotional connection with the Earth through our senses. 

We begin with a two-part series on the experience of hearing.

In Issue 01 : SOUND part one, you will find links to projects created by composers, artists, and scientists that engage with the acoustic landscapes of the Earth. We invite you to appreciate how sound affects our emotions and our relationship with the planet, and to consider how we all feel the vibrations of sound differently.

Headphones or other amplification are recommended for the full experience. Links with closed captions are provided when available. If you wish, journaling, drawing, or meditation afterward can deepen and integrate your awareness.