Edica Pacha Photographic Murals

On view
Dec 14, 2019 – TBD

Exhibition is currently closed to the public pending resolution of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Arbor Institute Exhibition Series opens with the installation of large-scale photographic works by Edica Pacha

Artist Statement: “During a time when culture is deeply extracting and depleting the earths resources, we must examine our relationship to the natural world.  This relationship of “reciprocity” is one that teaches us to be in regeneration, to give back as much as we take.  Planting seeds and living in right relationship with the planet, is a revolutionary act that aligns us with the sacred vision of Gaia. May we impact this vision through art, and inspire the world we would like to see.”

Thank you to Leah Brenner Clack of And Art Space. for assistance in curating this installation as part of the Street Wise Mural Festival.

About Edica Pacha

Pacha creates large scale photographic murals using a unique ‘layered in camera’ photographic style, that explores the mystical and mysterious sides of the feminine. She is interested in creating opportunities for ‘humans to be seen’ and vulnerabilities to be shared, while connecting deeply through Social Art and street art practices.

edicapacha.com     social: @edicapacha