Poetry for the Planet : Winter Solstice

7-9pm December 14, 2019

Love Letters to the Earth: Poetry Jam for the Planet is a poetic celebration of our deep love for our home planet, hosted by the newly-founded Arbor Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

Over 70 people attended this first offering at the Arbor Institute community event space — an evening of creative performance featuring poets and musicians from across the Front Range.

The evening was also the opening reception for an ongoing exhibition of works by Edica Pacha and artist installations of ecological Poetry for the Planet and Climate Crisis Posters.

We gathered to reconnect with each other and the Earth; to explore, express and share in the profound feelings of both connection and disconnection we experience in this moment of planetary transformation, and to cultivate the inner climate change necessary to face the challenges of our time. Coming together in community shortly before the winter solstice, we embrace the darkness and welcome in the light. As we radically awaken to our deep interbeing with the Earth, we find hope that our undoing is also our becoming. (Terry Tempest Williams)

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Poetry Jam Co-Curators:
April TierneyIrina Bogolomova

Poets:  Abigail Chabitnoy  |  Ania Chapska  |  April Tierney  |  Brice Maiurro  | Erica Rhinehart  |  Irina Bogomolova  |  Kai Wynn  |  Kali Love  |   Kevin Redger  |  Mary Marsden

Opening Ceremony: 
Renee Millard-Chacon and Béto Chacon. Renee is co-founder of Womxn From the Mountain and member of Grupo Color Aztlan, a traditional Danza Azteca circle centered on preserving culture through spiritual dance and prayer for future generations of these lands. 

Installation on wall behind performers: 
Excerpt from He Sápa (Section 3) by Layli Long Soldier from Whereas, 2017, Greywolf Press

The evening included a performance of Breathing Space  one-act play by Algonquin playwright Yvette Nolan performed by Boulder actors Danny Mann and Sara Woodyard as part of the Climate Change Theater Action Project.

Fresh-pressed Spiced Cider provided by

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