Sonja Hinrichsen Snow Drawing Project

Snow Drawings is an environmental social practice arts project created by artist Sonja Hinrichsen where participants collectively “draw” large design systems in snow environments by walking with snowshoes – and thus imprinting lines into fresh snow surfaces. The events typically take place in open landscape settings, such as forest clearings, frozen lakes, high alpine valleys and other large “snow fields”. Project participants become “pens” as they walk patterns on large snow “canvases”. 

Sonja is developing a Snow Drawing Project in the Boulder area for March 2020 in partnership with the Boulder community through the Arbor InstituteIf you are interested in participating, please sign up through the form below!

Date: March 7-8th or March 14-15 (final dates to be determined and variable depending on weather.)

Location: TBD, within 45-90 minute drive from Boulder, CO.

Creating a project on this scale is a wonderful collaboration of community, environmental and logistical dimensions. If you or your organization are interested being part of the Snow Drawing Project though sponsorship or in-kind donation, please contact to discuss options and/or indicate your interest below.

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Statement by Sonja Hinrichsen about the Snow Drawings process:

Snow Drawings first began as a solo experiment – entirely out of play – during an artist residency in Colorado. Engaging communities has enabled me to create monumental pieces while at the same time offering a platform for healing and fun outdoor winter experience in stunning landscapes.

The communal events are a symbiosis between immersive nature experience, walking meditation and collaborative art-making. It is important that participants experience the elements of nature while they transform their familiar snow landscape into art. The snow drawings are typically created over the course of a two-day weekend, with a backup weekend in reserve depending on weather.

Designs are not preconceived, but happen in the creative process. The artist merely introduces participants to a general pattern system. This ensures cohesiveness of the giant communal drawing, while leaving openness for participants to interpret and experiment beyond the basic shape. Spiral shapes lend themselves especially well, as they are easy to perform in their simple shape, but also leave room for more elaborate versions.

Afterward, the drawings are documented from the air. The creation of the work is an immersive experience, however it lives on in its documentation only – and in the memories of my audiences and those who participate in the creative effort.

About the artist:

Sonja Hinrichsen examines urban and natural environments through exploration and research. As an artist she feels the responsibility to address subject matters our society tends to neglect or deny, particularly adverse impacts to the natural world. Her work manifests in immersive video installations, video performances and interventions in nature. Her participatory project “Snow Drawings” engages communities worldwide.

Sonja’s ongoing community arts project Snow Drawings has been featured on numerous art, design, culture and environmental websites and blogs, such as the Huffington Post, IGNANT, Spiegel online (Germany), WIRED (US), The Creator’s Project (Germany) and in magazines, including Public Art Review (US), Revolve Magazine (Belgium, environmental magazine), WIRED (Japan), SOMA Magazine (US), TRACCE (Italian Archeology Magazine), MZONE (Chinese Art Magazine), Yellow Scene Magazine (US) and many more. Snow Drawings were included in the book “Designed for the Future, 80 Practical Ideas for a Sustainable World”, by Jared Green and in “INDA 9 – International Drawing Annual”, published by the Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center, Cincinnati, OH, and in an in an Environmental Arts Calendar (2014). Among others Snow Drawings has aired on KQED-Spark (San Francisco’s PBS station), MSNBC, The Discovery Channel and public TV Tokyo. Photographic prints and video have been shown in exhibitions in California, Colorado and in Europe. Snow Drawings are also featured in elementary school books in Germany and France, as well as the French youth magazines “Le Petit Quotidien” and “J’apprends a Lire” and a US high school course book. A print from the Snow Drawings 2013 series (Lake Catamount, CO) was awarded First Prize by the Piedmont Art Center in Piedmont, California.

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